Fair Hill Starter Horse Trials (August 2022) - Entries
RiderHorseDivisionStatusBalance DueDeposit BalMissing
Ball, LauraCSF Midnight RoseIRAccepted
Baltodano, AteashaHold My TiaraELAccepted
Barnett, MadisonSurprise TwistIHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Barnett, MadisonLandSharkBNRAccepted
Barr, CiaraBilly AvonONAccepted
Beam, IsabellNapoleonELAccepted
Becket, AlaneEn PointeIRAccepted
BenMoussa, NoorHazelnut LatteIRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Bevers, AngiHeathcliffNHAccepted
Bickel, AnnetteCarlingford WestOEAccepted
Bierman, ElizabethEB WinstonONAccepted
Birkenstock, BaileyContractor JakIRAccepted
Bobst, JuliaMadam FoxELAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Bradford, JessicaBelmontIRAccepted
Bradley, AnnCody CodyIRAccepted
Brandsema, KodyShanbally PabloIRAccepted
Brinegar, KelseySRT Belfalas RiELAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Brisbane, ElanSome Like It HotELAccepted
Brown, SaraWicked WilloughbieBNRAccepted
Caiazzo, MadalynLexingtonIRAccepted
Callahan, FinleyCameronBNRAccepted
Callahan, RileyIrish TurnBNRAccepted
Campisi, JessicaShrew MeaningBNRAccepted
Carter, LeightonClever DevilIRAcceptedEE Payment Reference,EE Payment Reference,EE Payment ReferenceYWindswept Stables/Dawn Beach
Cascarino, AveryExcel Star Quidam's CavalierBNHAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Charnock, JanSweet SpotIHAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Chubb, Alison M.Fernhill ChaosONAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Cincilla, AubreyAlready in loveNRAccepted
Clayton, JennyHarbor BreezeBNHAccepted
Clement, CharlotteSkip to my LouELAccepted
Clendaniel, SaraBella VitaNRAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYWindswept Stables/Dawn Beach
Cody, LilyKnow What I’m SayinBNRAccepted
Coile, KellyJovial DivisionIHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Coile, KellyModern TaleBNHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Cole, GinnyRoziereNHAccepted
Cook, MeganTheodoreIRAccepted
Corcoran, KellyHurricane HillBNRAccepted
Costello, CaitlynKrsto SkyeBNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Crespo, OliviaThe King's LegacyNRAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Crowther, DrewRSH SummerIRAccepted
D'Antona, MelissaLilahOEAccepted
Demchur, JolieWhy Wouldn’t WeBNRAccepted
Dempsey, ElizabethBella DonnaBNRAccepted
Denton, LarkinThunderpantsELAccepted
Divito, KathyAP BoorayBNRAccepted
Dukes, IsabelHigh and MightyELAccepted
Edwards, BaileySurf n TurfIRAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Eisemann, DaniellePeperoncinoBNHAccepted
Eisenberg, ElyseFernhill Pimms JrONAccepted
Faherty Napravnik, CynthiaSapphire SurprizeIHAccepted
Farrall, GraceLetthefanoutBNRAccepted
Firth, ElizabethNo Time For LoveOBNAccepted
Fiss, JosieCrazy Game of PokerIRAccepted
Fiss, MeganEight Ball Corner PocketOEAccepted
Francis, JessicaMr. OctoberNRPending170.00
Froberg-Fejko, KarenGrey AddictionIHAccepted
Gaffney, AddisonTrulee YoursBNRAccepted
Gallivan, SophieDynamic MoonbeamIRAccepted
Garcia, AshleyCapitanOEAccepted
Gibson, MadisonBMF BellaIHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Glynn, MaggieDondi Eesti SolastaIHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Goodall, AliceRoxyBNRAccepted
Greco, SamanthaAdriana's BoyELAccepted
Green, JenniferRebel YellONAccepted
Greene-Stewart, PatriciaWild RiverELAccepted
Guy, AmeliaBlack OutELAccepted
Hawkins, KoriIllyriaELAccepted
Hazzard, BrittanyWicked LadyBNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Heller, LindseySkye’s the LimitELAccepted
Herman, ElizaDakotaBNHAccepted
Hess, AddieDubaiIRAccepted
Hill, BrookeGolden RegentIHAccepted
Hilliker, EleanorTwisted NickersELAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Hillman, JuneJd SuperstarNRAccepted
Holland, EmmaBruce SpringsteenIHAccepted
Homsey, AnnaLeviIRAccepted
Horah, EllieZipitydoodahNHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Horah, EllieBallynort ChanelBNHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Horah, LukeIsabella’s IntrusionIHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Hornbeck, PamelaSilver LidoNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Humble, EmmaDefying GravityNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Humble, JenniferStarIRAccepted
Hurst, MollyWrigley’s SpearmintIHAccepted
Ilg, CarolynClassy LadyBNRAccepted
Ioele, KathrynRemyIHAccepted
Johnson, AlexaPoint of ViewIHAccepted
Johnson, KerraGideonIHAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Johnson, KerraDulceOEAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Keefer, MiriamDollyOEAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYWindswept Stables/Dawn Beach
Kelly, EllenLittle ChiefIRAccepted
Kerr, MylaFrosted RoseIRAccepted
Killeen, JennaOnly YesterdayOEAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Killeen, JennaBig Time OperatorIHAccepted
Kimbel, LauraJesterONAccepted
Klara, OliviaRafikiIHAccepted
Komisor, KellyCRF CoalBNHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYMcIntyre/Komisor
Korrell, GenaDance with the DevilBNRAccepted
Kost, JaymieIvyELAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Kovach, LilyQuintessa AFBNRAccepted
Kuhn, FarrynAnalyticallyBNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Laird, MakaylaMarthaELAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Lane, LisaTobyBNRAccepted
Lane, LisaTuxedoNRAccepted
Lapp, AndrewCoachNRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Lightfoot, La'NyaJust a Fancy Box of ChocolatesIRAccepted
Lortie, DebraExcel Star Midas TouchELAccepted
March, MeganGuinnessNRAccepted
McClanahan, SarahMcGrawIRAccepted
McIntyre, MariettePlay Boy SkoalIHAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYMcIntyre/Komisor
Mcdonough, RebeccaHawkings elementIHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Mentrak, KatherineCome In HandyIRAccepted
Merritt, MaddieJoey's Little AngelBNRAccepted
Micai, MelissaStorms Be BrewingNHAccepted
Milanese, MyaField AgentIRAccepted
Miller, BarbaraCoryIRAccepted
Mills, WilliamSRT TopazELPending130.00
Murray, MackennaJimmieIRAccepted
Napravnik, JazzLucianBNHAccepted
Nelson, DawnBig Bad ShackBNHAccepted
Newell, GregoryBE Victory DanceIRAccepted
Nicholson, JacquelineSir BrumskiBNRAccepted
Nitzenberger, KerriIwo JimaBNHAccepted
Nitzenberger, KerriStarletteIHAccepted
Nock, MeganBreezyNRAccepted
Norris, AshleySorrelNHAccepted
Norris, AshleyYoucantfixstupidNHAccepted
Norris, AshleyHermione ZBNHAccepted
Norris, AshleyXeenaBNHAccepted
O'Halloran, GracePhantom KnightOEAccepted
Pagenkopf, MicheleBlyde RiverIRAccepted
Penland, JordanMisty's Irish MistIRAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Phillips, BrookeSoup’s On The TableBNRAccepted
Pinder, GiulianaLost My TailOEAcceptedEE Payment ReferenceYWindswept Stables/Dawn Beach
Powers, BrookeIndependent SonNRAccepted
Reagoso, CharlottePatterson CrossNRAccepted
Rhodes, EvangelineDiamond RioBNRAccepted
Richardson, LauraExcel Star TrendsetterBNRAccepted
Riddle, CarsynCowboyIRAccepted - Incomplete45.00EE Payment ReferenceYWindswept Stables/Dawn Beach
Robinson, KaylaCrazy Wild BillOEAccepted
Robinson, KaylaGarnered IceELAccepted
Rocha, RicardoI’ll be honestNHAccepted
Romans, AneesaKasarahIHAccepted
Ruths jr, DonaldRavenBNHAccepted
Sacksen, AlexandraCool Springs PJ DuttonIHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Savelloni, MiaEsterNRAccepted
Savoye, JackieLemmeseeBNRAccepted
Schlachter, KristinWindblown TreeBNHPending130.00
Schlachter, KristinDevine LuckIHPending130.00
Schmidt, JenniferWest Shore DriveBNHAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Sewell, DeontetazdueONAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Shaffer, BarbaraExcel Star No DiggityBNRAccepted
Shaffer, BarbaraDerawley LadyBNRAccepted
Shelbourne, AvaPreachattheriverNRAccepted
Shute, SaraThe Doo Dah ManELAccepted
Sluder, AudreySilver SpringsNRAccepted
Sobolewski, PaulinaNo Strings AttachedBNRAccepted
Somers, ConradGet Away MoneyNRAccepted
Somers, ConradParisNRAccepted
South, ErikaTilted HaloIHAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
St Louis, JenniferPirate Slim ShadyOBNAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceFair Hill Waiver (2022): MissingY
Stockar, KamerynNoble AmbitionBNHAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Subda, JadeThe Dark PhoenixBNRAccepted
Sullivan, HollySir KarnakOEAccepted
Sutton, LibbyManettiELAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Fair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Swartz, Hayden RuthAmazing GraceIRAccepted
Thomson, ValerieRC RazzleIRAccepted
Tobias, WendyOld Fashioned Love SongIRAccepted
Trappanese, AvaBelmontIRAccepted
Vennemann, TanyaRileyNRPending170.00
Vennemann, TanyaWrongfully AccusedIHPending170.00
Watson, SabrinaMonsterBNRAccepted
Weaver, AnnaBlonde BombshellIHAccepted
Weaver, RobynLawyers In LoveNHAccepted - IncompleteFair Hill Waiver (2022): Missing
Weaver, RobynJust RightIHAccepted
Weaver, RobynLovely TimeBNHAccepted
Weber, GabriellePlatinum SandyIHAccepted
Weick, ElizabethKirk’s GirlIHAccepted
Wiedemann, PamDF AndrewBNHAccepted - IncompleteEE Payment ReferenceFair Hill Waiver (2022): MissingY
Wienholt, HopeShow me successELAccepted
Williams, MeganPretty In PinkIHAccepted
Winants, RemyAll GoNHAccepted
Wren, BrookeWS Hunts BayNRAccepted
Yoder, LivvyPlay It ForwardONAccepted - IncompleteCoggins: Missing
Yoder, LivvyWissie’s PromiseIHAccepted
Zabarenko, LeahA Real CooleyIRAccepted

Division Entries
BNHBeginner Novice Horse (2022 USEF Beginner Novice Test A)18
BNRBeginner Novice Rider (2022 USEF Beginner Novice Test A)33
ELElementary (2019 USDF Introductory Test A)22
IHIntroductory Horse (2022 USEA Starter)30
IRIntroductory Rider (2022 USEA Starter)34
NHNovice Horse (2022 USEF Novice Test A)9
NRNovice Rider (2022 USEF Novice Test A)20
OBNOpen Beginner Novice (2022 USEF Beginner Novice Test A)2
OEOpen Elementary (2019 USDF Introductory Test C)12
ONOpen Novice (2022 USEF Novice Test A)